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Gorse Hill is Buzzing Great People, Making it Happen

And Stretford has its Mojo Back!

Stretford is one of those places, despite everything, that is emerging as a place where good things happen!

Stretford has its Mojo back. There's such positive undercurrents going on below the surface throughout Stretford. Social Media has played a big part but more than anything it's been about a collective refusal to allow the vitality of our town to be dependent upon the whim and munificence of a Council obsessively focused on reducing its spend.

There's been some absolute stars who've given this movement the energy and focus it's needed but we can achieve nothing alone. So there's a plethora of community groups driving this forward. I've listed some of these below. There's so many, I've done my best but I'm bound to have missed someone. It's great and I'm proud to live in a place where people care and make things happen!

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Lostock Communtity Partnership

Lostock Community Partnership is a not for profit community organisation which aims to provide a focus for the community to work together in partnership to improve Lostock as a neighbourhood in which to live, work and visit.

The achievements for the Lostock area are phenomenal.

  • 2002 £409,000 Fair Share lottery Funding secured
  • Friends of Lostock Park sub group has attracted an additional £353,375 towards improving the park. The Skateboard Park has proven an exceptional new asset.
  • Quest Scout facilities renovated
  • 2011 Lostock Medical Centre opened after years of pressure
  • 2012 New Youth Centre opened
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Gorgeous Gorse Hill Logo

Gorgeous Gorse Hill

Gorgeous Gorse Hill exemplify the spirit of Stretford.

The Gorgeous Gorse Hill project is a group of local residents, who are working together to try and improve the local area for all – quite simply to make it gorgeous!

A number of local residents decided that they wanted to do something to try and improve the local area; a variety of ideas were suggested all of which were great, so they felt it made sense to group them together under the banner of “Gorgeous Gorse Hill”, and become a constituted group.

Gorgeous Gorse Hill is based on improving the appearance of the local area through art and gardening but is broad enough to keep developing its remit.

And they've been so successful!

Whether it's the BT boxes decorated with ladybirds or hedgehogs, the shop shutters transformed from boring metal to a canvas for the children's artistic conceptions, whether it's the reclaimed garden areas or the treepits on our streets brought to life, Gorse Hill is on it's way to Gorgeousness.

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Stretford M32 Group

Part Community Noticeboard, part virtual village pub, the Stretford M32 Facebook group has grown into the bustling hub of Stretford. There's squabbles and walkouts, as you'd expect with over 6000 members. You don't always get consensus, but the M32 Facebook Group has given Stretford a voice and a platform to kick-start so many positive projects. You can only see it continuing to be a vital component of Stretford life for many years to come!

Facebook is not for everyone and there's plenty of people for whom Social Media is just too intrusive or prone to gossip, nevertheless the platform has been almost indispensable to the fight to save Stretford Public Hall, providing summer breakfast clubs in the park, or even promoting new businesses in Stretford.

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Stretford Lakes M32


The latest Facebook Group to emerge, covering the Lakes Estates - all those streets named after Lake District lakes and places (and those in between). Brand new!

  Stretford Lakes M32

Lostock Tenants and Residents Association

Lostock Tenants Residents

An important group in Lostock, regularly meets at Lostock Library. The group is longstanding and influential, particularly focusing on issues of Anti Social Behaviour and environmental upkeep.

Love Gorse Hill

Love Gorse Hill

A lovely group, led by Mary, Marj and Paula. They've done so much for Gorse Hill. Whether it's litter picks or liaising with the council over the bins and waste collection. A brilliant group who never seem to get defeated.


Gorse Hill Community Action Group

Gorse Hill Funday Organisers, particularly focused on Gorse Hill Park. The funday has historically been a must on the Gorse Hill Calendar.

  Gorse Hill Community Action Group

Neighbourhood Works in Lostock, Gorse Hill and Stretford

your space to connect with other people in the Lostock, Stretford and Gorsehill community and share your stories, thoughts, ideas and photos. Get stuck in!

  Neighbourhood Works

Stretford Wombles

The Stretford Wombles - those who want to help keep M32 free of litter. Organise regular litter picks with a determination they will not let the litter-droppers and fly-tippers win!

  Stretford Wombles

Poo Busters


A group of local residents who are trying to say good riddance to dog poo in our parks and on our pavements. Not anti-dog, just anti-dog poo (and people who don't clean up after their dog).

Innovative and public spirited. The people who put the fun into neighbourhood concern. An absolute delight to work with, and they've even made it onto Panorama.

  Poo Busters

Friends of Victoria Park

The Friends of Victoria Park, Stretford are a diverse group of local residents who love our park and meet regularly to plan improvements and community events in the park.

  Friends of Victoria Park

Friends of Longford Park

The Friends of Longford Park promote and support community events in the park and work for enhanced facilities there with some great successes.

  Friends of Longford Park

Stretford Public Hall

This group is for all those who wish for the wonderful Stretford Public Hall to re-open as a public building.

  Friends of Stretford Public Hall

Trafford Housing Trust Community Panels

The Panels are made up of local tenant representatives and other interested residents. Panels are set up to involve residents and other stakeholders in creating sustainable neighbourhoods and places where people want to live by amongst other things, deciding where the Community Budget is spent.

  Community Panels

Stretford Foodbank

The Steering Group of Stretford Foodbank send their thanks to the members of the local community and businesses for their generous donations and ongoing support for The Foodbank.

In the period since the beginning of December 2015, we have received over 4,000 kilos of foodstuffs, household goods, toys and Christmas goods. This has enabled us to provide an extra Christmas Goodie Bag with the emergency food parcel, so that people received some extra Christmas cheer.

We are looking for volunteers to assist with our work. Assistance is required most week-days between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. We don’t work evenings or week-ends. Duties involve dating and sorting of the donations. Stacking shelves at the distribution centre and warehouses. If you consider that you can assist, please e-mail with your details and to receive more information.

  Stretford Foodbank

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