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This site is moving

My term as councillor ends not later than the 28th March. I’m just wrapping things up now.

As such this site will lapse. But don’t all cheer at once. It has moved to ‘From the Canal to Sevenways‘ and will continue there. Slightly less party political, although I’m still a member of the Labour Party

This site will stay up for a little while to direct people to the new site but won’t be updated.

Mike Cordingley 15th March 2022

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Stretford Library move gets approval from Trafford’s leadership

In what seems to have been a very rushed process, the council’s Executive voted tonight for Stretford Library to vacate its home for the past 80 years to allow Trafford Music Service to take over the building. It’s just over a week since the report was first published to almost no fanfare. Whilst the speed […]


We had a constructive meeting today to discuss the pending move of the library into the Mall. I think the majority accepted there was work to be done to bring the community along.

Key Points:

  • Now recognised Bonmarché is too small and other options in the Mall will be pursued (Not Tesco)
  • Groups will be consulted
  • The one 7pm late closing is not feasible within the Mall. Possible additional 6pm closing to maintain hours. Groups that currently utilise the Thursday 7pm closing will need to be consulted to better understand their requirements.
  • Opportunities to do things differently in the Mall will be embraced. Willing to listen.
  • Shelving will be on wheels to provide more flexibility.

There’ll be a much more in-depth consultation regarding the final location in the bespoke premises, but please keep coming with your input on this move. We need to make this the best it can be.

Stretford Library is to move across the road into the Mall. Trafford Music Service will move into the vacated library building and the Claremont Building in Sale which currently houses the music service will developed.

Bringing Trafford Music Service into Stretford would be an exciting outcome and put more artistic endeavour into our town centre. Anyone who has been to a concert at Claremont will know the high quality of performance this brings.

The proposals are contained in the Executive meeting to held 24th January. Clearly we need to ensure the new accommodation at the Mall meets the needs of Stretford, but there’s every reason to be optimistic.