Gorse Hill Labour

A regular blog and updates from Mike Cordingley, Councillor for Gorse Hill Ward in Trafford – Gtr Manchester.

Gorse Hill

Anmazing, vibrant and thriving neighbourhood in its own right.

gorse hill
Walking down Warwick Road to see Matt Busby’s Aces

Our Fantastic Community

Making Gorse Hill Gorgeous

Community activity is key to the revival taking place in Gorse Hill. And one community group in particular is delivering success upon success:

Gorgeous Gorse Hill

Gorgeous Gorse Hill have received national attention for their creativity in imagining a better Gorse Hill. They and other Gorse Hill organisations, largely through Facebook, have been creating a better Gorse Hill that we all can value.


The Greatstone: Gorse Hill History

From Lancashire Legends – 1873

Not far from the “Great Stone Farm,” and lying on the footpath, is the “Plague Stone,” whence the farm takes its name. It is an oblong coarse gritstone, foreign to the locality.

The 19th century writer describes the two cavities on the top of the stone and says there were various fables about the stone:

“One of these states that the stone was hurled from the Castle Field, and that the two cavities are the prints of Giant Tarquin’s finger and thumb.”

“Another alleges that it was thrown from the Old Bridge at Manchester; that it is gradually sinking into the earth, and that on its final disappearance, the destruction of the world will ensue.

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