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A regular blog and updates from Mike Cordingley, Councillor for Gorse Hill Ward in Trafford – Gtr Manchester.


Lostock has been around since at least the middle ages.

The Lostock name is carried with pride on its park, its school, its library and neighbourhoods.

Civic Dignatories opening the first council houses on the Chatsworth Road estate

Lostock Neighbourhood

21st century Lostock is a place of contrasts. There are
pockets of quite acute poverty alongside estates of relative affluence.

It’s got a huge amount of energy and gets on with things.

Gilbert de Barton granted Sir Thomas Grelley all his wood in Lostock;

Dods. MSS. cxlix, fol. 163b.

In 1322 the wood of Lostock was valued with that in Cuerdley; the lord of Manchester had also 20 acres of pasture in Lostock, in which all the tenants of the lord of Barton had common of pasture except during six weeks in the time of pannage, and the lord and tenants of Urmston had a similar right, 2s. a year rent being paid; Lancs. Inq. and Extents, ii, 57.

There’s also the quaint story of the Butter Boggart of Old Lostock

Present Day Assets

  • Lostock Medical Centre
  • Quest Scout Hut
  • Winchester Road Shops
  • Lostock Park Skateboard Facility
  • Ripon Road redevelopment

Lostock Park has seen well over £300k of funding attracted to the park
through the work of the Lostock Partnership. The challenge is to keep Lostock progressing forward as funds become harder

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