Gorse Hill Labour

A regular blog and updates from Mike Cordingley, Councillor for Gorse Hill Ward in Trafford – Gtr Manchester.

Trafford Park

Gorse Hill Ward is proud to be the home of Trafford Park.
World famous for the industry and labour of those who work there.

Harold Wilson in Trafford Park
Harold Wilson speaks to Trafford Park workers

Trafford Park has contributed hugely to twentieth century history and it’s a place of enormous vibrancy and innovation still.

Metrolink is an important step but we want to see real collaboration between public and private to move Trafford Park and the Quays to the next level.

Trafford Park – a place for leisure

The renaissance is just beginning. Hotel Football has been constructed at a pace Andrei Kanchelskis would have been pleased with, never mind Gary Neville, who is the brains behind the project. It’s winning plaudits every day and is a wonderful addition to our community.

We’ve already got Victoria Warehouse with its unique events and hotel.

The Imperial Ward Museum North, built by Labour and partially funded by the European Union has become an iconic symbol of Trafford Park’s renaissance. There is so much more to come and Gorse Hill Labour is at the heart of this.

Trafford Park – a place for industry

Some of the famous companies operating in Trafford Park:

  • Cargills
  • Kelloggs
  • Granada – Home of Coronation Street
  • adidas

Continuing to Thrive

Trafford Park has been at the heart of manufactoring for over 100 years. We’re confident it can continue to thrive but as all governments come to realise, industry needs their support both nationally and locally. Industry needs new workers with skills, it needs a modern infrastructure and most of all it needs an outward looking focus.