Gorse Hill Labour

A regular blog and updates from Mike Cordingley, Councillor for Gorse Hill Ward in Trafford – Gtr Manchester.

Kate Green outlines Labour’s priorities for schools, universities and colleges

Kate Green has set out her priorities for education and argued that Labour must “develop and re-energise the role of schools, colleges and universities as hubs of their community”.

Participating at an event at Labour’s online conference ‘Connected‘ this evening, the Shadow Education Secretary discussed education both during and beyond Covid as part of a panel hosted by the Socialist Health Association.

Progress Report on Children’s Social Care

The Children and Young People Scrutiny Committee received an update on progress against last year’s ‘Inadequate’ rating from Ofsted on Children’s Social Care.

The report chronicled the growing awareness of the areas requiring continued improvement and new challenges demanding a response. Focus was shifting towards embedding change, quantifying impact and planning for a sustainable legacy.