Gorse Hill Labour

A regular blog and updates from Mike Cordingley, Councillor for Gorse Hill Ward in Trafford – Gtr Manchester.

Our Neighbourhoods

Whilst Gorse Hill gives its name to our ward, we are proud of the distinct neighbourhoods that co-exist alongside Gorse Hill. All have a rich history, not just locally but internationally too.

For a long time Trafford Park was the world’s largest industrial estate and is almost wholly contained within Gorse Hill Ward. With a new Metrolink line, we can be confident of new opportunities for industry, leisure and culture.

Lostock goes back to Norman times and whilst it’s now very much a modern residential neighbourhood, it retains a proud self awareness of itself as a distinct place with a binding sense of community.

From Sevenways to Chester Road,  the Lakes Estate,  Stretford Marina, our northern Stretford locales bounded by the Bridgewater Canal form yet more discreet communities.

And Gorse Hill itself stretching from Longford Bridge to Manchester United, the neighbourhood often cited as the pick by national newspapers for places on the up. We’re seeing that with retailers setting up large stores, a new civic quarter and university. At the same time, the community remains one of Trafford’s most exciting and innovative. The Gorgeous Gorse Hill movement has been imitated by many but the originality and independence of thought that makes up the various community groups in Gorse Hill is still wondrous to behold.