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Preventing Violence – Youth Endowment Trust Bid

Attended a meeting in Hulme tonight. The police along with the combined authority with a particular focus on Manchester and Trafford came together to consider a focused bid to the Youth Endowment Fund on deterring violent crime.

The bid would be to the Agency Collaboration funding project of the Youth Endowment Fund charity.

Agency Collaboration Fund

We know that many children and young people at risk of becoming involved in violence are known
to local statutory agencies such as police services, GP practices, schools and colleges and children’s
services. Yet this knowledge is often fragmented across multiple organisations, with different people
holding different pieces of the puzzle. Opportunities where agencies could and should work together
effectively to better prevent children becoming involved in violence are missed.

To help understand where those opportunities are, we’re investing in our Agency Collaboration Fund.
We want to understand if, how and when effective collaboration between agencies (and sometimes
between departments within the same agency) can prevent children from involvement in violence.

The fund aims to address these questions:

  • Which partnership models work best to support children and young people and how?
  • How do local conditions and contexts affect change?
  • Which agency collaboration activities, interventions and approaches are most effective at preventing children and young people from becoming involved in violence?


Really worthwhile project. I hope GMCA can progress and a package of matched funding can be put together. It’s clear that violent crime is worryingly increasing and all the indications point to it increasing across networks. This isn’t an issue of a few kids across one or two streets, the networks extend right across neighbourhood borders and police forces. Information sharing is vital and for me it’s not enough to say that a particular neighbourhood is relatively crime free.

This is nothing new, I was once told by a neighbourhood policeman of one particular set of streets in this ward that had hardly any crime, largely because of a few residents higher up the criminal hierarchy, kept a lid on things rather than bring police attention and woe betide any local dealing etc.

Data sharing has to be fit for purpose and and taken seriously.

Last word

Sadly, I was the only Trafford councillor who attended but it was good to hear from Manchester Councillors who like me had seen the impact on families of this tragic descent.


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