Gorse Hill Labour

A regular blog and updates from Mike Cordingley, Councillor for Gorse Hill Ward in Trafford – Gtr Manchester.

Laurence Walsh

Contact Details

 0161 912 5208
 Cllr. Laurence Walsh
Trafford Town Hall,
Talbot Road,
Manchester M32 8EB.

Current Council Positions

 Deputy Mayor
 Chair of Planning and Development Control Committee
 Member of Standards Committee

Why did you become involved in politics?

I had been an active member of the GMB for many years and it seemed a logical step to join the Labour Party. I am now employed as Postman and a member of the Communications Workers Union.

What are your priorities for the ward?

I see myself first of all as a resident of the Gorse Hill Area. The daily issues of fly tipping, dog fouling and litter are things which make me cross like everyone else.

You will see me out and about regularly litter picking. I first want to make Gorse Hill a more pleasant a place to live. I would like to have more variety of shops in the area and our highways to be improved. There is a “Civic Quarter Master Plan” for the area around the Town Hall; that’s just on our doorstep so I’d like to see some of those benefits & improvements coming our way!


We now have a conservative government with a majority at Westminster. Whatever the Prime minster may say I can tell you our local authority of Trafford Council has a budget stretched to the limit. Austerity continues so we must continue to lobby the government highlighting the effect their policies are having on all council services.